Sunday, 4 June 2017

Silent heroes

Hi lovelies,

I had originally a different plan for this weeks post, but in light of recent events I feel that there is a more pressing topic for today.

Last night I watched the news in horror at the latest terrorist attack in London. A balmy summers evening turned into a horrific night once more, this time on the London Bridge, Borough Market & Vauxhall in London. This morning I woke to news of 7 fatalities & 48 injured. This past fortnight has be ridden with fear and grief following the Manchester bomb attack & last night's incident, and my heart and prayers go out to all affected by these horrifying events.

Today I would like to send my wishes and prayers to the silent heroes, the first aiders, paramedics, hospital staff, police & all those who have done their best to care and protect those harmed and affected by these tragic and evil incidents. Their kindness and devotion has been recognised by all those who have not only been affected by the events in Manchester & London, but also all over the UK and indeed worldwide, as their kindness shines like a candle in the midst of darkness.

All over the internet messages of kindness and solidarity are shared, and it is inspiring and uplifting, especially for those affected as it lets them know they are not alone.

Shine bright and stay strong,
Naomi x

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