Friday, 29 April 2016

Fountain pen fancy

Hey there lovelies!

When I was in primary school I remember hating it when my class teacher made us put away our pencils and biro pens to write with a fountain pen.  At the young age of 10/11 I found it incredibly hard writing with anything, especially a fountain/ink pen, as I am left-handed.  I was forever coming home from school with ink and/or pencil smudged on my hand.

The really ironic thing is I now would rather write with a fountain pen than anything else.  In fact I have 4 different fountain pens.  Yup, 4.  The reason I have 4 is rather simple, and that is because I use different colours of ink.  Unlike many people who buy standard ink cartridges, I use converters and bottled ink.  I find this works better for me as not only is it more cost effective, it also gives you more choice compared to ink cartridges that are normally blue or black.  I currently own 4 different inks: a standard blue ink by Parker, and 3 different colours of ink by Diamine which are Aqua Blue (a really pretty light aqua), Amazing Amethyst (a nice deep purple), and Amaranth (a pretty reddish pink).

I buy my ink on eBay, and the 30ml bottles of ink by Diamine are only £4.95 each - that's cheaper than a standard pack of cartridges! Diamine ink is also available in 80 different colours, yes 80!

Another good thing about using a converter and ink bottles is that you are not limited to one brand.  For example, my fountain pens are Parker, but I can use Diamine ink as each pen has a converter.

What I also like about fountain pens is that I don't physically have to apply as much pressure to write.  Like most people who are left-handed, I find my hand gets sore when I use a biro as you have to 'push' it to get it to work when you're a lefty.  With my fountain pens I don't have this problem, as the ink flows from the nib of the pen, all I have to do is guide it.

Now that I'm older I also don't find them as hard to write with like I did when I was a child, and I also don't smudge the ink like I used to!

I always think there is such a beautiful quality to handwriting done with a fountain pen, it actually makes mine look nicer! I also write in cursive which I think is another reason why I like fountain pens, as that is what they are originally designed for.  I hate writing in block letters, I find it so difficult and I always have!

What about you, do you have a preferred writing utensil and method? Let me know in the comments!

Till next time,
Naomi x

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