Friday, 15 January 2016

Cosy Crafting

Hey there lovelies! On this cold and wet day I decided to curl up with my crochet hook in hand, and work on my current crochet project. 

Currently I am working on a crocheted blanket for my bed...and it's taking a while! I've been working on and off on this for about 4 months now, and I'm slowly getting there! Another 27 squares I should hopefully be finished. Here is how it looks so far: 

I am really enjoying the process of working on this. Before my first square I had never crocheted anything in my life, so I don't think I'm doing too badly! Lol. 

I am also currently working on a knitted sweater for myself. I'm using the Flax pattern by TinCanKnits. Here is how it looks so far:

Unlike crochet I have done a bit of knitting before, however this is my first attempt at making a sweater. Actually, it's the second cause the yarn nipped and started to unravel in my first attempt 😠. 

Knitting and crocheting are two of my hobbies, and while many think of them as something that is associated with "old people", this is not true! Loads of people from all generations learn and love these crafts. 

So if you haven't tried either before, what are you waiting for? Head to your local yarn shop and get a pair of needles or a hook, a ball of yarn and start learning! There are loads of tutorials available on YouTube, and one of my favourite crochet channels is Bella Coco. 

Till next time,

Naomi x

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