Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Book Review: Match Me If You Can by Michele Gorman

"Ever thought about recycling your ex?

Best friends Catherine, Rachel & Sarah are fun, smart, successful and single - just like millions of women with a low tolerance for idiocy in their dates. 

Mr. Right hasn't turned up yet, and Mr Right-Now isn't worth booking a wax appointment for. So when Catherine, London's finest matchmaker, gets Rachel and Sarah to join her dating site where they can recycle their ex-boyfriends in exchange for an upgrade, they soon realise that anything could happen...

Three best friends, proving that sometimes it really isn't you...it's him."

This latest novel by Michele Gorman is said to be a must-have New Year read, and I can completely see why. This book made me laugh, smile, and feel genuinely happy for the characters. 

Based on the lives of three best friends, Match Me if You Can delves into the world of online dating in such a humorous and loveable way. With dating mishaps and marvels, Michele Gormans' latest novel is such a light-hearted read that will touch many people, after all, who hasn't felt the perils of dating every once in a while?

I read this book in one sitting, and truly enjoyed every minute of it. A fun read that many women will be able to connect with. A 5 star review from me!

Naomi x

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