Saturday, 8 August 2015

Review: Summer at Shell Cottage by Lucy Diamond

Get swept away with the Tarrant family to the coasts of Devon in this latest novel by Lucy Diamond.

"It should be the perfect holiday... 

A seaside holiday at Shell Cottage in Devon has always been the perfect escape for the Tarrant family. Beach fun, barbecues and warm summer evenings with a cocktail or two - who could ask for more? 

But this year, everything has changed. Following her husband's recent death, Olivia is struggling to pick up the pieces. The she makes a shocking discovery that turns her world upside down. 

As a busy mum and GP, Freya's used to having her hands full, but a bad day at work has put her career in jeopardy and now she's really feeling the pressure. 

Harriet's looking forward to a break with her lovely husband Robert and teenage daughter Molly. But unknown to Harriet, Robert is hiding a secret - and so, for that matter, is Molly..."

Summer at Shell Cottage is a perfect summer read. From the moment I picked it up I found it hard to tear myself away - even when my eyes were protesting from lack of sleep! Full of intrigue and drama, I was hooked from beginning to end.

In Diamond's latest novel, she explores not only the effect death can have on a family, but also the danger of keeping secrets. Exploring a family unit spanning 2 generations, Summer at Shell Cottage made me laugh, feel empathy for some of the characters, and anger at others.  I felt angry for Olivia when her world was turned upside down, and happy for her when she discovered the healing power of friendship.

The Tarrant family appears strong, but when people are keeping secrets there is always a danger - what will happen if everyone finds out?

Pick up this fantastic book and see for yourself, is this year's holiday at Shell Cottage going to be as memorable as the last?

My rating: ***** 5 stars

Naomi x

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