Monday, 17 August 2015

Planner obsessed

I like to be organised.  And while I love my phone, I don't really like using it to organise my week, etc.  The solution? My really pretty personal organiser that I got on eBay. 

Isn't it a gorgeous colour?

So, for today's post I decided to share with you how I stay organised and also what is in my planner. 

Firstly, I have these really pretty dividers that I got on eBay, which I wrote sections on using a Sharpie.  Quick tip: Did you know that you can remove sharpie ink by spraying hairspray on a cotton pad and rubbing it? This means these dividers can be changed anytime :) Also, I wrote one of my favourite quotes on the front divider.  "The flower that blooms in adversity, is the most rare and beautiful of all." Who can name the film that's from? 

My first section is Information.  In this I have my contact details, In case of emergency details, doctor's number, etc.  You know, the usual boring stuff. 

I also have this really pretty Birthdays & Anniversaries sheet that I found online.  I have all my birthdays and important dates on here, so it is really easy to just look and see what is coming up that month. 

My next section is my Diary.  This is just a plain week-on-2-pages format, and I just write in any appointments, meetings etc.  This is the main section that helps me stay organised!

Next we have Financial.  Here I keep a note of any bills etc to be paid, and also any payments I am expecting.  Helps me keep a track of my money, which we all know is an important thing to be able to keep track of!

Address & Phonebook is next.  This kind of states the obvious - it's where I keep a note of addresses and phone numbers.  Simple.

Lastly we have Notes.  In here I have a simple lined pad of paper, that I can jot down any notes, ideas, etc on when I need to.  Really handy for me, as I plan for Girl Guides using this (I am a Guides leader, so I need to do a lot of planning lol).

And that's it! My trusty planner that goes everywhere with me in my handbag, and that I would be lost without.  Really, I would - I'd never remember appointments and stuff! lol.

Do you use a personal planner? If so, what are your favourite planner accessories and sections? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter :) I love to hear from you all!

Naomi x

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